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  Lambunao's Binanog Festival
On the wings of panoramic cultural spectacle

Isa ka adlaw samtang ginasughot nila ang katalunan sa pagpangita sang mga Banog , hinali lamang naghugpa ang sulog kag munga nga Dapay nga nagalagsanay sa tuyo nga magkupahay . Apang daw naga indi-indi si munga amo gani nga naga libutay kag nagalagsanay ang duha . Madasig ang padag-padag sang ila mga tiil malupad paibabaw , mahugpa tubtob nga malambot si munga this lines were part of Charlie Mario Sindol's research in Lambunao in 1973 to reflect the origin of Binanog dance that has been part of the town's culture. The narration pictured a male and female hawk, the local folk called Banog , chasing each other during their mating season.

The wealth of Lambunao's cultural and religious essence cannot only be traced on its wonderful church, plaza and famous attractions such as the Tinagong dagat , the Bukidnons and their Binukot women but through its legendary Binanog dance that was artistically transformed into a major festivity of the town every first week of January. For almost five consecutive years the Binanog Festival ceaselessly draw vast crowd and spectators from nearby towns or even far away places to witness such great festival that replicates the Lambunaonons ' religious devotion to the Sr. Sto Niño and the importance of Binanog dance.

The local public officials led by their dynamic mayor Ignacio Ramirez and St. Nicholas parish priest Fr. Evaristo Borong Ablona spearheaded the spectacular festivity that promotes the importance of camaraderie, reconciliation and cultural appreciation.

The weeklong festival culminated with a Binanog tribes competition on January 9.

In the Junior Category, Tribu Sidlanganon of the District of Lambunao bagged the championship trophy along with Best in Performance, Choreography, Music and Costume awards. Tribu Baludnon of Pajo Elementary School and Tribu Ilahas of Don Ignacio Ramirez Memorial School became first and second runner-up winners, respectively.

In the Senior Category, Tribu Daludo of Poblacion Ilawod was adjudged champion while also winning Best in performance, Choreography and Music awards. First runner-up Tribu Kisaykisay of Lambunao National High School also won the Best in Music, Costume, and Most Disciplined awards. Tribu Palhi of WVSU-LC succeeded to bag the second runner-up.

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