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Katagman Festival

The Philippines is known for its colorful festivals. Iloilo alone has a number of celebrations enjoyed by guests from other parts of the country and visitors from all over the world.

Old records have revealed that Katagman was the original name of Barangay San Antonio before the coming of the Spaniards. It was in San Antonio where the civilization in this part of the country started. The barangay was the seat of the first regional government in the Philippines under Datu Paiburong until 1226 A.D. The Batiano River, known as the flourishing Malay Port, served as the gateway for Christianity.

In 1973, a gold mask was unearthed and proved the worth of San Antonio as a historical landmark. The mask is now under the care of the National Museum. You will discover more about Katagman and its treasures of native paraw and vintas, and utensils made of terra cotta. You can also orient yourself to the ancient burial practice through this festival.

The week-long celebration features Laro Ng Lahi which revives traditional games like palosebo, tumba patis, kadang sa paya and many more.

The Tribes Contest is a unique combination of street dancing and street theater. Tribes representing a cluster of the 37 barangays in the municipality participate in the contest. The tribes are: Tribu Kanipaan, Tribu Nakatundan, Tribu Katamnan, Tribu Parayan, Tribu Paraw, Tribu Mandaragat and Tribu Malaca.

Let the Katagman Festival open your eyes to the Philippine's rich culture.